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If I Move Somewhere Warm, the Back Pain Will Go Away

  • 2018-02-06

Temperature changes do not make an actual condition worse, and it also does not develop a new condition.There is no scientific evidence that supports this idea. If you have back pain when it gets colder, it means there is a more serious problem that causes the pain--not the wather itself.

If you’ve always believed that the aches and pains in your back and bones were connected to the cold weather, this myth is a hard pill to swallow. Moving somewhere warm doesn’t help with back pain. Moving to somewhere like the Bahamas might initially help, but our bodies quickly adjust to the climate we live in. So if you go on holiday to an exotic island and your back feels much better, this relief is only temporary. Stay too long and the back pain will come return.

If warmth brings relief to your back, a great solution is a back massager with built-in heat function. Wellness's Full Back Chair Massager delivers an unparalledled Shiatsu massage to the neck, lower back, and hips and upper legs.The built-in heat funcion is able to provide relief to a stiff, painful back.

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