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We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and good services with best price. Xiamen Wellness Technology Co., Ltd was founded in July, 2004, focus on designing and manufacturing personal care products and furniture massage systems and components, is one leading factory of its field in China. Covering 8100 square meters in area, whole company consist of R&D Dept, PCB SMT plant, 5 Assembling lines,QC Dept., and test Lab.Quality system runs as per ISO9001 . Export-oriented, the company has already supplied OEM/ODM products to customers in the United States, Europe and Middle East. All products are based on “Wellness” concept and humanized design. They will help to improve your health physically and mentally. “Wellness” brand-name represents the goal what we endeavor to undertake: to bring actual wellness to all customers. In present time handheld massagers, massage cushions, foot massagers and other massage mechanisms have been incorporated into the company’s product lines. Cordially welcome you to contact us earlier and give us your suggestions in respect to mutually profitable cooperation in the future.

Xiamen Wellness Technology Co., Ltd.

 We work as a team, are committed to competitive prices, to provide customers with high-quality products and quality services.


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