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  • Outdoor electric pet heating pad
    Outdoor electric pet heating pad
    • 2019-01-10

    In the winter season,You will need a heated pet pad for your pet,A heated pet pad gives your kitty and puppy the comfort and warmth whenever you catch her resting in a sunny window or under your blankets. With soft, cozy cover fabrics and an inner heating element and thermo-reflective material, this pad is a welcomed retreat for your heat-seeking pet. It is ideal for cooler months, small breed dogs, or for older, and ailing pets that need a little extra warmth. This heated pet pad is easy to use , internal thermostat heats to your pet's standard temperature. This unit is intended for using indoors only. Its unique heating system is designed to become warm, not hot. Cover fabric was soft and colors can be customized:

  • National Holiday Notice
    National Holiday Notice
    • 2018-09-26

    Dear valued customers,  Due to the national holiday leave, our  office will be temporarily out of duty from Oct 1st to    Oct 4th, 2018.  We are return on Oct 5th, 2018, so you will be able to communicate with us by then or any  urgent things you may  call us directly.thanks. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sat.    Sun.    Mon.    Tue.    Wed.    Thu.    Fri.   29       30         1         2         3        4        5         (week 40) open  close   close    close      close     close     open Sat.    Sun.    Mon.    Tue.    Wed.     Thu.   Fri. 6         7         8         9        10          11     12        (week 41) open  close  open    open    open     open   open Best wishes, Wellness Technology

  • Wellness Technology annual travel:Wuyishan
    Wellness Technology annual travel:Wuyishan
    • 2018-08-04

    Travel, Many companies use as a welfare for their employees, It has become one of the most popular ways in these years. Last Wednesday, our company organized all the staff to go to wuyi mountain for a three-day annual trave;. All the staff were not afraid of the hot summer, and participated in it enthusiastically to show our xinsheng employees solidarity and friendship, this trip can be said to be very meaningful. Now,Let's show you some intersting moment from our company: 1.Bamboo rafting at Nine-Bend Steam A ride on a bamboo raft is one of the best ways to start or conclude a trip to Wuyishan. The nine bends of the pristine stream -- hence the name -- run through some of the most iconic spots in the park. The two lead rafting guides, often in straw hats and traditional attire, are great at identifying mountains or pointing out the most photogenic spots -- including rocks that resemble King Kong and the Sydney Opera House. it's worth tipping the rafter RMB20 ($3) for a more detailed explanation. The ride lasts between 90 minutes to two hours and is mostly unsheltered so a hat and sunscreen are advised. Take off shoes to avoid getting them wet. 2.Tianyou Feng Creeping up to heights of 410 meters above sea level, the Tianyoufeng trek takes place on a sheer cliff side.It's the best vantage point in Wuyishan, overlooking the meandering Nine-Bend Stream (Jiuquxi), as well as neighboring tea farms and temples.The trek is paved with about 800 vertiginous stone steps uphill and more than 1,000 downhill. The narrow path is secured with handrails and dotted with rest stops and viewing pavilions. It takes approximately three hours to finish, depending on foot traffic. 3.A Thread of Sky Dubbed the weirdest cave in Wuyishan, "A Thread of Sky" is a fissure cave with a narrow crack that opens towards the sky.A path of steps allows visitors to climb through the crack. A warning sign at the entrance of the cave informs visitors that the narrowest part of the cave is about 35 centimeters in width.Whenever someone is holding up the line, visitors behind often yell: "Are you stuck? Take a deep breath and suck in your belly!" It's not recommended to visit during and after rain as the path is dark and can get slippery Professional massager product manufacturer:Xiamen Wellness Technology Co.,Ltd.

  • The Trade War
    The Trade War
    • 2018-07-10

    In the early hours of March 23, Beijing time, Mr Trump signed a presidential memorandum announcing a massive tariff on imports from China. After Mr.Trump signed it, he held up the memo in front of the cameras to show to the outside world, especially Beijing to show his tough attitude. The trade war will have a more or less impact on China's manufacturer, Chinese manufacturer is worry about it. USA As the main exporter of our company,The Trade War will be greatly hit us.Fortunately, our company's largest customer is still supporting us and keep placing orders . In the hot summer day, our workshop is still busy, and the workers fulfill their duties. Wellness still implements Humanized management, providing all kinds of benefits for workers: provide fruit for lunch, green bean soup, cool tea .....And our workshop is equipped with air - conditioner and  fans, Providing a cool and comfortable environment for our workers! During the current tense international trade environment,We hope our company's  business is still thriving, Wellness people, let's work hard together.

  • International children's day
    International children's day
    • 2018-06-12

    The annual international children's day is coming again. In order to celebrate this wonderful festival, a lot of mom and dad are already on the online shop for choose and buy nice gift or make travel plan. The primary school also in preparation for a variety of performance. Our company has also prepared a generous gift for each employee's children,such as toy bricks, barbie doll sets, etc, as the welfare for wellness employees' families. 1.Toy bricks 2.Barbie doll sets Xiamen Wellness Technology Co.,Ltd wish all the childrens have a Happy holiday!!!

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