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Product review: hand held electric massagers

  • 2018-06-12

As a professional massager manufacturer, We owned an experienced R&D team to develop our new creative massagers. Today we will make a brief introduction for our two head hand held electric massager.

The hand held electric massagers is a great device for muscle relief and tension in all areas of the body including back, neck, head, legs, and feet. The system promoted blood circulation within the body and delivers deep tissue body kneading for comfort. The massager is built with high quality materials while still remaining lightweight for ease of use and portability. The heads provide a variety of massage power, speed, and intensity options can be used as per your personalized needs. The Massager is the perfect gift for athletes, senior citizens, and anyone experiencing aches and pain.

Production specification:

Plastic handle with anti-slip silicone cover

Long handle can massage any position on your back.

Ergonomic and novel design.

Heat function provides a soothing feeling on your muscles and will help you relax.

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