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invest in your comfort toady

  • 2018-07-04

Travel Pillow with Massage & Heating Mode

The Wellness pillow’s patented memory foam construction holds a two-fold purpose for you. First, it supports the proper alignment of your neck. Your C4, C5, C6, and C7 (the most frequently complained about vertebrae) remain in proper alignment and never grind against each other, keeping you pain-free.

More so, the memory foam design doesn’t fall. It always bounces back to its original shape, ensuring that your neck is protected now, tomorrow - and even 10 -15 years from now!

Some of the world’s highest-level athletes utilize heating therapy to heal and recover faster from debilitating injuries. Not only that, but Consumer Reports states that over 30 million individuals have trouble sleeping on airplanes.

Now, the travel Pillow with Massage & Heating(Vibrating Neck Massage Pillow) gives you the same benefit during your travels. By utilizing heat therapy, it promotes blood flow and circulation through your body. Although you’re not moving around on the plane, you benefit from the treatment of increased circulation from the heat of the WellnessPillow. Not only do you feel more refreshed during the flight, but you’re also energetic with pep-in-your-step as soon as you land.

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